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Full range of professional land surveying and mapping services to support the CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY.

Our state-of-the-art survey equipment and solutions are developed and tailored to the challenges you face in the construction industry while ensuring zero integrity failures in coordinates and geoinformation management.

We are proud of being The Expert in the field of Land Survey through providing our clients with a state-of-the-art solutions which expedites the project timeline with higher quality of data.

Surveying & Mapping Services

HH International Inc. experts solve complex issues such as research of historical data, efficient and accurate data acquisition, coordinate systems and datum transformations, as well as survey network analysis and data adjustments. We offer a full range of professional surveying and mapping services to support the CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY. When it comes to the identification and location of assets, customers benefit from our experienced understanding of geodesy, use of proper surveying and mapping principles, and solid data management. Our expert team, including personnel holding Registered Professional Land Surveyor (RPLS) certifications in multiple locations, ensure that diligent, high-quality surveying work is performed, and any potential surveying conflicts or discrepancies are addressed.

Advanced Solutions

We deliver advanced solutions using the latest instruments and software including STONEX S900A GNSS Receivers, STONEX Robotic Total Station, STONEX Total Stations, STONEX 3D Laser Scanners, Ground Penetrating Radar, AutoCAD Civil 3D, Cube-a is STONEX Surveying and Mapping Software Designed and Developed for Android Platform. PLUS MANY MORE SSURVEY SOLUTIONS OFFERED FROM STONEX AS WE ARE AN APPROVED DEALER OF ALL STONEX PRODUCTS.


  • Well Location Survey: For the development of new well locations or the mapping of existing well locations. Marks the location of a well site in relation to the unit lines or survey lines.

  • Unit Survey: Shows the unit boundaries and the individual tracts included in the unit, and total unit area.

  • Ground Penetrating Radar: Subsurface imagery for detection of obstructions, structures, objects not visible from the surface.

  • Pipeline Survey: Preliminary, construction, and as-built pipeline survey services including topographic surveys for proposed pipeline routes, staking of pipeline routes, and as-built surveys as pipe is being laid in the ground.

  • Right of Way Survey: Performed for the purpose of laying out an acceptable route for an easement or right-of-way for a road, pipeline, utility or transmission line. This survey includes the establishment of all boundary lines and road crossings along the route.

  • Topographic Survey: Graphic representation of land physical features depicting natural and man-made features, such as fences, buildings, utilities, hills, valleys, streams, lakes, bridges and roads.

  • Construction Survey: To establish the correct location of proposed structures shown on engineering design plans for constructing roads, pipelines, buildings and other improvements.​

  • ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey: For the purpose of supplying a title company and lender with the information necessary for issuing Land Title Association Documents or Extended Coverage Title Insurance.

  • Control Survey: Establishes precise horizontal and vertical positions of reference points that are basis for originating or checking subordinate surveys for projects such as boundary determination, topographic mapping, route and construction planning, design and layout.

  • Subdivision Survey: Subdivision of a tract of land into smaller parcels, showing monumentation and survey data on the map, in conformance with local zoning and subdivision regulations.

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