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HH International Inc. is an Architecture and Engineering Firm based in Delaware State, USA  with regional offices in Kingdom of Bahrain & Saudi  Arabia. Providing our and partners clients with Architectural, Engineering and Project Management Services over the globe.

The team of experts for Designing, Engineering and Managing Engineering Projects that ranges from low, medium and high complexity and provide our clients with inter-disciplinary & innovate solutions.

Over 16 years of experience across Architectural, Civil Infrastructure, Commercial Build, Residential Buildings, Sports Hall, High Rise Buildings, Data Centres and Industrial Warehouses & Plant Engineering Projects.

The HH International Inc. team bases its work on strong common values: professionalism and innovation. These values are reflected in the quality of our projects.


The team includes several professional engineers that work towards a common goal: improving project efficiency and reducing our clients' costs and environmental footprint. HH International Inc’s team is constantly evolving in a stimulating environment that encourages commitment, creativity and efficiency, and is always looking for new challenges and innovation.


HH International Inc. and its team of professionals are the obvious choice for all clients seeking visionary engineering firm who are on top of the latest technologies with most cost effective engineering solutions.


We are a group of highly qualified professionals using our deep knowledge and extensive experience to work with clients to make a positive difference to business results.

Our core skills are in Architectural Design, Engineering and Project Management services. We aspire to be the best at everything we do and so we concentrate our talents on our main service.

Our approach to this services, based on proven methodologies and innovative tools helps ensure high quality results for our clients.

We provide truly valuable Architectural, Engineering and Project Management services to our Clients. Each of us thinks and acts with pride as experts in each business area in order to lead the competition in creating and delivering customer VALUE in a continually changing business environment.

We also provide training sessions and consultation workshops to other professionals and business in Engineering, Value Engineering and Project Management.

HH International Inc. uses an integrated approach to managing small, medium and large scale projects, with a group of professionals to ensure the delivery of high quality projects, while overcoming the environmental, technical and economical challenges and thereby achieving the target market price as well as client vision.  


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