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Professional training is simply training that enhance or bring new skills relevant to working in a certain profession. Gaining new skills or enhancing existing skills needed to advance in your career. The training course would ideally be taught by someone of our experts who is a subject matter expert in the field.

Learn everything you need to know to become an effective professional and develop your career.

HH International Inc Professional Training Division are one of leading training offering unique professional certification courses for professionals and executives in Construction, Health and Safety, Business and Management, Leadership and Environmental sectors. What makes our training courses different is the unique interaction, research and consultation that we provide to our clients in addition to on job training and coaching. This gives us a clear focus on what YOU need in your training, maximizing the value of your training investment.

Being a Training Provider , we also know the importance of Training Need Analysis, Gap Analysis and continuous professional development while our clients are assured of receiving quality training and career development knowledge reflected in the training outcomes. That’s one of the reasons that HH International Inc. enjoying repeat customer levels in the training industry.

Our Professional Training can be tailor made to suit your team's and/or your organisation’s requirements and deliver it onsite. We understand that while you may have found the perfect course to attend, there can be always an issue. It could be the date doesn’t suit, or maybe the location doesn’t or there are just a couple of points missing from the content that you’d really like to be covered. That’s where our bespoke, in-house training comes in. We can always tailor the perfect course for your team and organization, at a perfect time and location for you.


Value Engineering Training Workshop (M1 & M2)

Leadership and Communication Skills for Project Managers

Managing Multiple Projects

Managing Project Quality

Empowering the Workplace/Organizations for Greater Impact (Leadership)

Managing Scope, Schedule, and Cost

Procurement for Project Managers

Project Cost Estimating

Project Management Essentials for Non-Project Managers

Project Management Principles

Project Management Simulation

Project Risk Management

Requirements Management for Project Managers

Interface Project Management

Managing Negotiation with Contractors

Project Budgeting & Cost Management

​Contract Management Principles & Practices / Negotiation for Project Managers

Construction Project Management

Project Coordination and Document Control

Introduction to Value Engineering

Project Management Professional PMP Preparation Course

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is essential in helping individuals, Professionals, Engineers, Project Managers, Managers, Organisations or entire industries to keep skills and knowledge up to date.

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