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Analysing Data
Analysing Data

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Discussing the Numbers
Discussing the Numbers

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Cost Consultancy & Quantity Surveying Services by HH International Inc. 


HH International Inc. offers dedicated services with the industrial experts to our valuable clients based on their specific and customized requirements. Our Quantity Surveying / Cost and Commercial team provide the following services which are being regulated by the International Professional Bodies:


  • Cost Management

  • Procurement and Contract Advisory

  • Contracts Management including Claim Management

Cost Management:

Our cost managers position great prominence on managing and controlling construction costs. It is achieved by the application of their expert knowledge and best practice in the industry, understanding of current prices of labor, materials and plant etc. Therefore, our service will  ensure the realization of maximum value for a client’s investment.


  • Order of Magnitude estimates

  • Cash-flow management

  • Change management

  • Cost modelling

  • Project cost management

  • Strategic cost planning and estimating

  • Whole-life cost advice

Procurement and Contract Advice:

Appropriate Procurement Strategy & Contracting Arrangement as well as effective management of the Tendering process will determine the success for the execution of construction contract. Our experts on procurement and contract will provide the following invaluable services to ensure our clients will procure the projects within the budget, time and the required quality;


  • Propose appropriate Procurement Strategy

  • Advice suitable contract arrangements

  • Prepare Tender Documents including Bills of Quantities

  • Provide Tender Supports such as prepare Tender Circulars/Bulletins, Post Tender Clarifications.

  • Perform Tender Evaluation (Technical and Financial)

  • Recommends suitable tenderer/bidder to award the project

  • Assist clients for post tender negotiations

  • Assist clients for compiling the Contract Documents. 

Contracts Management:

Our proven contracts management techniques provide early advice on how the contracts can be managed for the success completion of the project, by minimizing claims/disputes. The HH International can provide such advice for all stages of a contract stages/project cycles;



  • Advice on tendering process and documents

  • Advice and provide services for checking contractual documents before executing the contract.

  • Advice and indemnify the client on risks associated with contractual clauses/terms

  • Defense strategy against over-payment



  • Writing of contractual letters, claims and contract variations

  • Assistance with costs and quantity control

  • Assist on preparing/reviewing interim payments

  • Prepare/Review Final Account/Payment for commercial close out

  • Prepare/Review Cost Impacts/Variation Proposals

  • Prepare/Determine Construction Claims and assist on negotiation process

  • Assistance in dispute resolution

  • Assistance to lawyers in compiling supporting arbitration files

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