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Kunming, Yunnan Province, China

Kunming Ancient Art & Craft Centre

11   /   03   /   2016

The project is located at the heart of Kunming city, southwest of Yunnan province in China, the city was built more than 2,200 years ago and it has a rich history in arts and craft making.


Kunming Ancient Arts and Craft Centre will be a multi-functional international cultural exchange place in order to preserve and protect the cultural heritage and to take the full advantage of the rich culture of Yunnan Province. The main objective of the project was to integrate the local cultures of the area into a contemporary building that blends in with the surrounding. The centre is will provide courses and workshops specialised in Chinese ancient arts and crafts making, to pass the ancient knowledge to the next generation. The centre will feature an exhibition, classes and a restaurant on the top floor with a nice view to attract more visitors to the centre.

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